Turkish Festivals In Melbourne, Australia

Turkish music has its loyal fans all over the world. There are big Turkish communities in many countries all over Europe, as well as in Australia. They all love their country of origin, their culture, and their traditions, so they organize and attend Turkish festivals where they can enjoy good food, traditional music, and cultural activities. Such festivals are quite popular, many locals also enjoying this style of music. Besides, Turkish cuisine is renowned all over the world for its special flavors and for its taste. Music is also widely appreciated, the Sufi whirling dervishes being popular in most countries. Their music is so inspiring and their dance so captivating, that it has become famous even in remote places. Our hectic lifestyle makes it impossible to relax, so there’s no wonder we enjoy such performances when we find them. This is why Turkish festivals, concerts, and cultural events attract people from all continents and from all walks of life.

picture of musical instruments at turkish shop in Melbourne

There is a rather large Turkish community in Australia since they were one of the early migrants to the country. Political unrest at the time made a lot of people leave Turkey and their current generations have made Australia their home. However, they also continue to retain their culture by frequently hosting cultural and music events.

You can find out the schedule of Turkish festivals in Melbourne by searching local entertainment directories. These portals publish details on all events to come, so you can easily find what you need by performing a simple search inside the directory itself. There are also Turkish community websites where people from all over the world share information on specific cultural and musical activities to be organized in their cities. You can take a look at the special events section to see if there’s anything that might interest you. It is possible that you can see the information without having to become a member of the discussion forum, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time with creating an account and getting accepted.

The other method for finding such festivals is by asking in Turkish stores and markets in Melbourne. All these shop owners and managers keep in touch with their peers, so they can give you all the information you need. Small business owners who focus on building a community abroad are always up to date with the latest news concerning their minority, so they are likely to know about all music festivals and other similar events in Melbourne or in other cities in Australia for that matter. Besides, Turkish people are extremely friendly and extroverts, so they are happy to have a chat over a nice cup of tea with any stranger that comes to their shop. You don’t even have to buy anything.

Melbourne is a cosmopolitan city, so there’s quite a big Turkish community living and working there. All these people have embraced the values of their new country while still trying to preserve their traditions and their culture alive. Their festivals are nothing short of amazing.